Where restaurants and agriculture are once again reunited.
An at cost business operation.


At the dawn of an era where restaurants and agriculture are once again reunited more than ever before, AGAREA cultivates this relationship even further by allowing restaurants to create there own farms within close proximity to their restaurant. Creating a platform for the finest and most diverse custom cultivation that has yet to be experienced by the kitchen. Redefining the meaning of farm to table cuisine. AGAREA is a return to the millennia old practice of people growing what they serve. Providing the culinary industry with its own certified organic farm completely furnished with a resourceful staff and lavish botanical library of heirloom seeds and rootstock. Utilizing a rich first hand historical knowledge of biodynamic farming techniques, combined with the finest cutting edge sustainability resources.

AGAREA is a way for restaurants and food groups to produce food at the highest quality and be able to tell their customers the true story behind the food they are eating. As an educational resource for the staff and customer population alike, a place for restaurants to show who they are to their clients, and an opportunity to bring new knowledge to a new clientele. Creating an ability to join the marketplace for the restaurants who are also farmers.

An at cost business operation

AGAREA is an at cost business operation for all restaurants, meaning that it will be producing all of its food at cost opposed to the marked up costs of other vendors and farmers. AGAREA is a long term subscription based program that is initiated by a one time license fee followed by quarterly dues and fees plus all labor and materials.

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